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How does the service work?

As part of your subscription to the Environment, Health and Safety Legislation Update service, you will have access to the following sections of the service:
  • Irish Environment
  • Irish Health and Safety
  • EU Environment

Each Legislation Register has it's own tab and are marked out in different colours.

To access your legislation select the "Your Legislation Register" section (in red) and select with section of the service you wish to access.

Screenshot: Display of three Legislation Register tabs:

As a subscriber you can now create multiple profiles for each section of the service.
A profile is your selection of legislation e.g.
a master selection of all Irish Environmental legislation relevant to your company;
a selection of Irish Environmental Air legislation relevant to your company
How to create one or more profiles is explained in another Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Creating a Legislation PDF

There are three steps in creating a Legislation Register PDF:
  1. Selection Process
  2. View Summary of Selections
  3. Create Legislation Register PDF

Step 1. Selection Process

In order to create a Register PDF, you need to select one or more documents.

The documents have been broken up into sections and subsections. Clicking on the section title will expand/collapse the section. Clicking on the subsection title will also expand/collapse that subsection. You can use the quick actions on the right of the section/subsection title to: expand/collapse, select/deselect all documents within the section/subsection.

A tick on the left of the section title and subsection title will indicate that one or more documents have been selected within the section/subsection.

When a subsection has been expanded, you can view the contents of the document by either clicking on the document title or the "Print" icon Print (new window) in the right hand column. The contents of the document will be displayed in pop-up screen box. This is the summary sheet for that piece of legislation.

Clicking on the following buttons (scroll to bottom of page for some of the options):
  • "View summary of selection" - saves the selection and takes you to the "Summary of Selections" page.
  • "Create Legislation Register PDF" - saves the selection and takes to you the "Create Legislation Register PDF" page.
  • "Save changes" - saves the selection and reloads the current page.

Note: If you switch between different Legislation tabs, your changes will not be saved.

Screenshot: Display of section, subsection expanded and documents selected:

Screenshot: Contents of a document displayed in a pop-up screen box:

Step 2. View Summary of Selections

This page will display a list of documents that you have selected in the Selection Process.

To add/remove documents, you need to return to the Selection Process and update the selection accordingly.

You can also view a history of when and who made the selection changes by clicking on "View history" in the green tab near the top right hand side of the page. It does not display what changes were made. "PDF updated" is a link to the previously saved PDF (updating the selection does not automatically recreate the PDF).

Clicking on the document's title will display the content of the document.

Screenshot: Display of "Summary of Selection" page:

Step 3. Create Legislation Register PDF

This page will ask for the company name and date of publication for the PDF. The system will use this data when making the PDF. This information will be saved and made available for reuse next time you want to create a PDF.

Please note that will take the system a few minutes to make the PDF and have it available to you to download.

Screenshot: Display of "Create Legislation Register PDF" page:

Screenshot: Front cover of PDF document generated:

The system will retain the last updated PDF, stating the date and time and you can download it again via the "Download" (see red arrow on screenshot below)

Screenshot: Where to download last PDF generated:

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